How discarded hotel linen is upcycled into tote bags


Usually, hotel linens such as sheets are first brought to a dry cleaner.


Then, they are sorted into those that can be used as they are at the hotel, those that have stains that cannot be removed, those that have holes, those that are torn, and so on.


After cleaning, they are ironed and sorted into those that are returned to the hotel and those that are sent to the factory for reuse.


It is transported to a factory in Pakistan with which Circuliv's partner company has an alliance and cut to the prescribed size.

Then enter the sewing process.


We print your designs using eco-friendly inks.

By using the white tote bag without coloring it, the amount of contaminated water generated during dyeing can be greatly reduced.


I will tag while checking.


After the final check, it is folded neatly.

By using hotel linen that has already been washed many times rather than using newly made cloth, it will be processed in a state where harmful chemicals are almost eliminated, which will reduce the health hazards of factory workers. is also connected.


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